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Specialty Grading is your grading and excavating solution

Specialty Grading is your reliable landscape installation, excavation, grading company in Prescott Valley, AZ. We are a family business established in 1995. 

Since we opened to the public over 20 years ago, our team has consistently provided high-quality construction excavation services at the best prices.

Our owner, Shawn Denny, takes pride in his work and plans to continue serving the local community and environment for years to come. 

After earning his Excavating, Grading, and Oil Surfacing license from the Arizona license board, he assembled an Arizona-based team of the finest excavating contractors around. 

We strive for efficiency in everything we do. Our ultimate goal is to always provide you with the best grading and excavating solutions for your building and construction projects.

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You are looking for a knowledgeable and experienced contractor who will listen to your concerns and provide reasonable solutions. That’s why we communicate with you to make sure to get the job done right the first time!

We offer a wide range of services including commercial and residential excavation, land grading, lot preparation, drainage, retaining walls, driveway and road maintenance/preparation, electrical plumbing and sewer lines, septic systems, and much more! 

Come to us for all your Arizona residential and commercial excavation needs. We provide solutions specifically for you. Contact us via email or phone today for an estimate!

Arizona Earth Excavation Is Done Right With These Pros

There’s a lot to do behind the scenes of every landscape and lawn care construction project.  One of the most essential parts is the very first step of the construction process – the excavation.


Excavation is essential in creating the foundation on which the structure will stand. Earthworks excavation refers to the removal of earth, rock, and other ground materials using tools, equipment, or explosives.

The process is most commonly used in construction to lay solid foundations, embankments, and grade land. Many different techniques are used for excavation, such as building, digging, dredging, creating French drains, trenching, and site development.

The type of project you have and the amount of work you are attempting to accomplish will determine which process is necessary for your construction project.

Excavation, Grading, Landscape Installation

When starting your landscaping activities, your project must be properly prepared and ready. Trust Specialty Grading when it comes to anything that deals with residential and commercial earthworks!


Excavation is a method used to remove rocks from the ground, which is an important part of construction projects. Some of the excavation services we provide are the following:

  • Earthworks Excavation – removing Earth to prepare for a structure’s foundation.
  • Footing Excavation – used to support buildings by laying the groundwork to support the heavy structure without it caving into the ground below it.
  • Residential or Commercial Drainage Services – to protect a structure’s foundation from damaging water, drainage methods need to be properly implemented to direct clean water traffic from entering, or back flowing into the building. Ditches and trenches would be dug accordingly to achieve this protection.
  • Cut and Fill Excavation – before a landscape construction project can begin, it may be necessary to clear the land of topsoil, rock, sand, and other material that would inhibit a sound foundation.
  • Topsoil & Yard Excavation – Removing decaying or unwanted vegetation and other materials from the topsoil layer for a more appealing yard, or to provide the more suitable groundwork for a stable foundation for a new site build.
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Land Grading

There are 3 levels of land grading throughout the excavation construction project:

  • Rough Excavation Grading – During the building process of the new structure, the land will need to go through the first stage of shaping the land, backfilling the soil, and establishing the drainage after the foundation or the stem wall is poured.
  • Final Excavation Grading – The second stage of the project when the structure is built. Specialty Grading ensures accurate implementation and function of the drainage flow lines by grading land away from the house and building foundations. The land is then prepared to be landscaped for the final aesthetics.
  • Engineered Certified Final Grades – All land grading projects must be Engineered Certified, this guarantees the correct percent grade using a laser level to check the grade to flow per plan.

Specialty Grading is your go-to top land grading company in Prescott AZ.

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Landscape Installation

Improvements can be overwhelming, but with quality service at an affordable rate, your possibilities are endless.

Our landscape installation services include:

  • Drainage installation/repair
  • Irrigation installation/repair
  • Turf/plants installation
  • Pavers/block walls installation
  • Boulders/mounds installation
  • Rocks & rip rap installation
  • Hardscape installation
  • Mulch/pine needle installation

We can provide easy and affordable methods for installation and repair that are guaranteed to be a great fit for your landscaping layout and needs

Our specialties

We are your go-to grading contractor in Prescott, AZ with over 20 years of earthworks experience and in-depth knowledge and resources that allow us to thrive in the industry today! 

Got a construction excavation or site grading project in the Prescott area? 

We take the burden of grading and excavating off your shoulders — trust our team to get the job done right! 

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Our work includes engineered compaction, electrical and plumbing line, utility trenching, excavation work and more.


Drainage and Grading

We provide culvert installation, dozer work, dirt and rock screening, and other drainage or grading services

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We can clear trees and shrubs, maintain your driveway, or dig trenches for utilities for your Prescott Valley home.

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Lot Prep

We will prep your lot for your new home build! We offer estimates for our excavation and grading services in Prescott.

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Most excavation contractors in AZ aren't willing to do residential excavation work, but that's our specialty!

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Driveway and Road Maintenance

Getting ready to pave or grade a new driveway? Let us save you time and money with a thorough estimate!

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Our recent projects

As soil grading contractors in Prescott AZ, we tackle various aspects of civil engineering and architectural construction in our ground and soil work. We work closely with engineering teams to make sure your site is excavated according to plans.

Materials are hauled away and the required material is brought in to achieve an appropriate depth for trenches and foundations.  Having a stable foundation is vital for any construction process. Whether we have to work with a level base or a specified slope we make sure the ground is ready for building.

Similarly, our excavating contractors face various soil-related tasks for site clearing and preparation. The process of soil and rock screening clears the ground soil of unsuitable contaminants for construction. We provide culvert installation and dozer work while making sure unnecessary materials are removed in the process. 

You don’t have to worry about the removal of trees, shrubs, plants, and other obstacles that could stall construction. They will be removed with ease as excavation proceeds. Our depth of knowledge and simple work process makes your life easier so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Equipped with the best excavation tools, we’re responsible and committed to providing feasible solutions to any kind of excavation work your next construction project requires.

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