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Clarkdale is a historic mining town nestled in between Jerome and Cottonwood off the State Route 89. The tiny town boasts 7.3 square miles of land to its name with areas of water provided by Bitter Creek and the Verde River. Clarkdale is local-centric with a collection of neighborhoods, including a section of newer developments. The residents enjoy the quiet town feel with its historic charm

Our Excavation Services for Clarkdale

Specialty Grading knows how to work with the soil of mining towns. With comprehensive soil tests, this local excavation company can move any dirt and haul in quality soil for any job done right.

Specialty Grading are the expert land grading contractors to rely on for leveling a land for a lot preparation for a home build or commercial building. Our knowledge in land grading affords accurate and concise work on every site, perfect for commercial drainage and yard drainage services, as well as landscaping purposes.

Trust your local excavation company for utility excavation to lay primary and secondary power lines, to do driveway and road excavation, and septic system excavations.

We are happy to deliver detailed, thorough and precise land excavation services for all commercial and residential needs.

Call us to help with your home services with yard excavation with vegetation removal, drainage or driveway repairs, and other landscape excavations.

Specialty Grading has been serving the Clarkdale area for over 20 years and we look forward to serving you and your Arizona excavation needs!

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