clearing land to build a house

Clearing Land to Build A House: What You Need To Know

Are you planning to clear a  plot of land for a house? Not sure how much clearing and preparing a construction site would cost? 

Clearing a lot is an important step in the construction of a home or property. It is a frequent practice among landowners who desire to make better use of their property. 

Here is everything you need to know about land clearing for a house!

Why Land Clearing Is Significant When Building a House

There are various reasons why one needs to clear the land before construction begins when building your dream house. The purpose of this procedure is to:

  • Enhance the usability of your land
  • Take the necessary safety measures
  • Prevent any diseases from spreading
  • Promote the healthy growth of plants and trees
  • Improve the health of your soil and determine the soil type
  • Make the ground level
  • Enhance the land value and its aesthetics
  • Get rid of any pests

When a piece of land is declared unusable or useless, lot clearance services are usually necessary. Lot clearing and tree removal make it easier to create parks, houses, parking lots, and other structures.

Clearing Land to Build A House: Preparation Tips

The first stage in the laborious task of land clearing is to survey the property. This process compares your construction blueprint to the surrounding landscape to identify which trees, bushes, and rocks must be removed. 

You may need to apply for building and zoning permissions based on the region you choose for your homestead, thus it is worth waiting for clearance before clearing anything from your land.

You want to do the following once you’ve been accepted with the correct paperwork:

  • Mark the construction site with stakes
  • Determine the best site for a septic system or a well
  • Create a path of access
  • Connect the construction area to the electrical grid and/or other utilities

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How much does it cost to clear land to build a house?

When it comes to lightly wooded acres with some significant tree removal, the average cost for land clearing is $500-$2,000. Alternatively, a heavily wooded lot might cost up to $5,600 per acre.

The first step in any property development project is to clear land. After the area is cleared, graded, and prepared, land construction can commence.

Furthermore, the costs of land clearing for construction as a site preparation process vary depending on the following factors:

  • Area of land
  • Density and size of trees
  • Debris such as rocks, brush, stumps, fallen trees, and other materials
  • Surface and subterranean structures already in place
  • Season

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The Process

land clearing

It is essential to follow the correct process during lot clearing. Here is a brief summary of the steps involved on the building site:

  • Conduct a lot survey and soil testing
  • Demolish any existing structures, including underground infrastructure
  • Begin clearing bushes, timber, large rocks, and trees
  • Resloping the land and controlling any soil erosion
  • Grade the land

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Most homeowners overlook land clearing, despite the fact that it is an important phase in the construction process. It usually happens after you’ve bought the raw land but before you hire a construction staff. 

While the costs and procedures differ, there are several activities that must be completed in order for your land to be suitable for your dream home.

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