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Working with the highly-skilled excavating contractors at Specialty Grading will prove to be the best decision a builder can make, as this determines the flow of the new project from the get-go. Lay the groundwork for your new site build by hiring a reputable, trustworthy and ethical local excavation company.

Specialty Grading has built the foundation of its excavation construction business on honest hark with top-quality customer service.

Every construction project must start with a level land prepped to support a new structure with a sturdy and reliable foundation, with suitable drainage and land grading techniques applied to protect the foundation long-term through the elements.

With over two decades of land excavation experience, Specialty Grading is well-equipped and knowledgeable of the most effective excavation techniques and the best excavation tools to employ to get the job done right the first time.

Before the start of the project there will be a consultation about the work needing to be complete. After a survey of land, cost of filling and grading the land will be discussed and agreed upon.

Land excavation cost may include:

Earth Work Excavation – removing Earth to prepare for a structure’s foundation
Footing Excavation – used to support buildings by laying groundwork to support the heavy structure without it caving into the ground below it
Residential or Commercial Drainage Services – to protect a structure’s foundation from damaging water, drainage methods need to be properly implemented to direct water traffic from entering, or back flowing into the building. Ditches and trenches would be dug accordingly to achieve this protection.
Cut and Fill Excavation – before a construction project can begin, it may be necessary to clear the land of topsoil, rock, sand and other material that would inhibit a sound foundation.
Topsoil & Yard Excavation – Removing decaying or unwanted vegetation and other materials from the topsoil layer for a more appealing yard, or to provide more suitable groundwork for a stable foundation for a new site build.
Specialty Grading, your most-trusted and qualified excavation contractors Prescott AZ has to offer.

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