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Whether driving into your driveway or your daily commute to work, the condition of the ground under the tires can make for a pleasant or nuisance of a ride…Specialty Grading has got the skills to repair driveways and roadways, as well as create secure groundwork for new driveway and roadway systems with their specialty excavation services.

Driveway and Road Maintenance

The groundwork for a road or driveway will determine how well it holds its structure. The elements can play a huge factor in the durability of the road or driveway as well. With the swelling of the ground from extreme heat or cold, or erosion from water, the properties of the driveway and roadway can diminish, needing repair for smoother, reliable driving surfaces. If you are noticing a washboard effect or ripples in your driveway or roadway, give us a call provide the maintenance.

Driveway Excavation

Specialty Grading performs a thorough driveway prep. Sub-grading a driveway with driveway pavers or brick requires a precise cut and/or an accurate fill to establish the appropriate grade for the driveway pavers to lay.

Specialty Grading uses an AB material, which is made of ¾ rock with sand and fine material and clean dirt with a green, gray or white tint. We also use gravel or rock. Depending on the material used for the driveway will determine the grade required. Concrete driveway base preparation requires a hard-compacted base to prevent from cracking. If clay is found in the soil, we will remove it to ensure a stable base, ideal when working with paving companies and driveway contractors.  

Road Excavation

Our excavation services of Arizona also cover road excavation. We prepare new roadway systems by providing reliable, compacted earth work underneath to secure a trusted base for the paving companies to lay the asphalt.

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