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Excavation Services are Digging Up the Good on Green Construction

Here at Specialty Grading, an excavation contractor in Prescott Valley, AZ, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean environment. As part of the services we provide, we ensure to abide by proper testing and functionality as applied by accurate land grading, septic system excavation, utility trench excavation, etc. With accurate and carefully performed services, the goal is to work efficiently to eliminate producing excess waste.  

We are advocates for other subcontractors who also follow green initiatives. As we work hand in hand with construction companies we would like to recognize the Green Construction method that is trending among our industry, as well as those who are diving deeper into providing these services for homes and businesses.  

What is Green Construction?

According to the World Green Building Council, “Green Construction,” also known as “Green Building,” involves the design plans, development, and construction of a building that will be built with the intention to eliminate negative environmental effects.  There are many different methods that can be applied to the sustainable architecture design of a building that will decrease its impact on the environment. These include:

  • The conservation of energy and water
  • Incorporating renewable energy sources such as using sunlight, geothermal heat, or wind to power the building
  • Implementing methods to reduce waste and to support recycling
  • Using environmentally-safe and friendly materials in the construction that does not cause further damage to the environment
  • Having an innovative design that is forward-thinking that will easily adapt to a changing environment

These are just a few of the methods developers and construction companies can integrate into their blueprints.

How Do Excavation Services Contribute to the Green Building Program?

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Land Grading

When a new building is ready to be built, excavation services are hired to clear the land of brush, tree stumps, rocks, and other natural debris. Next, the land needs to be level and solid for the proper foundation to be applied for the base of the building – the most important part of the structure!

Land grading is an essential part of the new construction process. The purpose of grading land to be at the accurate pitch is to keep any water from flowing toward the structure.

Water is very damaging to a building’s structure if the building isn’t protected from backflow, leaks, and floods. A building with water damage will need to have all affected material replaced to avoid mold, which creates a lot of excess waste. 

Also, proper water flow is needed to protect the town or city from getting flooded and impacting the flow of traffic and livelihoods of others in the city. Flooded streets can create much chaos in a city!

Utility Excavation

Excavation contractors work with the utility department to dig trenches for underground wiring. As part of the efficiency of the excavation services, a direct and unaffected conduit line needs to be available for proper utility services. The pad for the transformer box also needs to be placed in the most appropriate spot with ease of access to feed to multiple buildings if necessary. 

Septic System Excavation

Septic systems take a lot of underground space and need to be built according to the capacity of plumbing the building will provide. There are many different types of septic systems per the ground it will be laid in. To protect the environment from contamination, excavating contractors must accurately size the right dig to house the new septic system, ready to hold the needed capacity.

The National Effect of Green Building

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On the national level, green building assures that the construction is completed in a socially responsible manner.  Let’s take a look at some of the hotspots around the country where green buildings are booming! The pressure is on in the United States as the population continues to grow as well as the strain on our environment. Legislation is now cracking down on the requirements of building new developments to meet specific environmentally supportive measures.

We explore different areas that have received high LEED ratings, which represent the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification developed by the United States division of the Green Building Council. 

Washington, D.C. – known as the “LEED Capital of the US” houses many federal agencies that promote the green building initiative, thus to have the second-highest number of LEED-certified projects in this region would only make sense. 

Los Angeles – this city is making heavy efforts to get rid of the old and upgrade to the new and sustainable. The Green Building Retrofit Ordinance is a law that was introduced in 2009 requiring city buildings that were built before 1978 or had a square-footage more than 7,500 feet to be refurbished more environmentally sustainable resources.

Chicago – comes in third place with the highest number of LEED-certified projects. This city constructed the first LEED Platinum building in 2002 that was a rehabbed municipal building. From then on, the city of Chicago made it a requirement for every city building to get LEED certified. One of the city’s methods of green building is to install rooftops that absorb rainwater to help regulate the temperature of the buildings. 

Who comes in #1 with the most LEED-certified buildings in their city? With Texas taking the prize for the state with the most LEED projects, Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington.

Green Building Close to Home, Local Home Builders Incorporate Sustainable Living Into Construction

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Bringing it back to Prescott, Arizona, we felt it appropriate to recognize some local builders who are also incorporating green construction into their projects. These companies offer an elaborate option of services that really support the environment and the homeowners.

TLC Construction in Prescott is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in the building of new homes, remodeling homes, and new small commercial construction. TLC offers an array of green construction services from a slew of different vendors with whom they have a working relationship with. 

Services include: composite decking made out of recycled materials, efficient insulation products, double-pane windows reduce the rate of heat and cold transfer, air duct testing, insulated garages, geothermal heating and cooling, gray water irrigation and a ton more!

Mandalay Homes touts of their high-ranking accomplishments and recognition for their state-of-the-art, energy-efficient homes, as they have been named Energy Partner of the Year by the U.S. Department of Energy. They focus their energy on building homes to decrease their impact on the environment. 

Some of the services they offer are: a super-efficient thermal barrier made of open-cell spray foam for insulation, a thorough all-gap covering sealant for better thermal protection, windows that protect from the harmful sun rays, LED lights to offer increased energy performance, reduced energy costs with solar energy and energy storage options. 

Specialty Grading Supports Our Hometown Environmental Responsibility

Companies that are aware of the financial and environmental impact of green construction methods are conscientious of how they impact the community as a whole. Specialty Grading is happy to work with environmentally-friendly partners in the developer and construction industry. Not only does our planet benefit, but our population does as well. 

Overall, we do our best to promote eco-friendly and socially responsible practices in excavation sites as well as with our partner construction companies. We cooperate with various construction companies to provide the best and safest areas for the building of homes and other structures. Our workers strive to provide high-quality, safe services in order to keep the environment free of pollutants that are dangerous to the health of both wildlife and local residents.

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