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Leave it to the professional and local land grading contractors to complete a job of perfection for all your land grading needs – grading is our specialty by the way.

Specialty Grading uses the best excavation tools to perform this task. Working with local Caterpillar distributor, the equipment used on each project is well-serviced and running in top shape to safeguard against wasted time with repairs.

Relying on the skid steer for fine grading projects to establish the operative drainage around a house, referring to the Uniform Building Code for accurate slope and swale. This robust heavy piece of machinery ensures accurate and precise grades, especially with our skilled excavation team member at the helm.

There are 3 Levels of Land Grading Throughout the Excavation Construction Project:

Rough Excavation Grading – during the building process of the new structure, the land will need to go through the first stage of shaping the land, backfilling the soil and establishing the drainage after the foundation or the stem wall is poured.

Final Excavation Grading – is the second stage of the project when the structure is built. Specialty Grading ensures accurate implementation and function of the drainage flow lines by grading land away from house and building foundations. The land is then prepared to be landscaped for the final aesthetics.

Engineered Certified Final Grades – all land grading projects must be Engineered Certified, this guarantees the correct percent grade using a laser level to check the grade to flow per plan.

Specialty Grading is your go-to top land grading company in Prescott AZ.

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