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Landscape Excavation (Guide For Homeowners)

Building a new house or doing some updates?  

Landscape excavation is an important step in building your house. This preliminary phase will prepare the site for its intended use. Excavation and grading are necessary for: 

  • Setting the foundation for your house 
  • Installing a pool 
  • Adding a concrete patio 
  • Solving erosion control issues 
  • Setting up driveways

Professional Landscape Excavation

Excavating for residential lots requires planning to make sure the area your house is on is a solid foundation.

It’s best to get an expert’s advice when it comes to preparing your land. 

A landscape excavating pro will be able to deliver what you need to fit your design. With this in mind, your home’s safety and quality should be the top priority.  

Here are a few things a pro excavator can do:

Grading and Leveling

The soil of your lot should be modified in order to support the structure you are planning to build. Slopes and uneven surfaces should be graded and leveled off in preparation for construction. 

Proper grading and leveling can: 

  • Prevent soil erosion around your house 
  • Even out the soil for easier construction 
  • Ensure the safety of your property by eliminating bumps and humps 
  • Provide aeration into your lawn 
  • Allow proper water runoff 
  • Help control grass growth and formation

New Construction

Are you planning to construct a new pool, patio, or garden? Maybe you’ve been thinking about installing a new fence, greenhouse, or fountain in your existing home. 

Each related project will require the services of an excavating company: 

  • Creating a patio or driveway. Commonly, patios and driveways require a dirt pad and some grading before it is constructed.
  • Digging a basement or crawl space. Excavations are necessary to properly dig out a new basement or crawl space. 
  • Waterproofing the basement. The dirt around your new basement needs to be checked and the foundation waterproofed to allow water to drain away properly.
  • Setting up a garden. The soil where you want to start your garden may need to be modified so your plants can flourish. 

Drainage System Installation

Systems for draining water are necessary in order to manage the water flow in your yard to prevent flooding in your basement or foundation.

With the right amount of water flowing through your soil, the greenery in your landscape will become healthier. It is important to know the right type of system you will need to install. 

  • Surface draining systems catch the rainwater from the surface and bring it to a channel or ditch. 
  • Subsurface draining systems require pipework underneath the soil. This is an ideal system for gardens and landscapes. 
  • Slope drain systems take excess water through a downward slope to prevent potential flooding.  

How Much Does Excavation Cost?

excavate your yard

The cost to excavate your yard can vary depending on a number of factors, including: 

  • Size and accessibility of your lot 
  • Soil and terrain 
  • Types of equipment required
  • Season

Choosing the Right Company

You should make sure you are building on a strong foundation

When hiring someone for your residential excavation needs, it’s important to work with a company that is licensed and insured. 

With the right professional landscaping excavation contractor, you’ll be able to: 

  • Decrease the risk of property damage 
  • Prevent soil erosion on your site
  • Maintain your retaining walls
  • Solve soil issues 

Share Your Experiences

What is your experience with residential excavating projects? Do you have a tip for a homeowner who is starting a new project? Start the conversation below!

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  1. I’m glad you mentioned that a new patio or driveway could require some excavation. I really would like to create a multi-tier patio in my backyard. It sounds like I should start researching excavators in the area for this project.

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