Top Excavating Contractors Prescott AZ Perform the Best Lot Prep

Preparing a lot for a new home or commercial building takes a skilled land excavation company to perform superior, diligent work. Lot preparation for home building or commercial building is what sets the stage for the durability, stability and longevity of the structure.

Specialty Grading cuts no corners in the lot prep project. This residential and commercial excavating contractor is in constant communication with the builder throughout the lot prep process to keep all parties informed of the process.

Knowing soil of the land before building is crucial. Specialty Grading requires a soil report to be conducted so the excavation team knows exactly what they are working with. This Arizona excavating and dirt works company isn’t afraid to get dirty. Knowing what is in the soil, how to treat it and if more conducive fill is required, allows for an efficiently and adequately prepared lot prepare to ensure a sound foundation that relies on stable earth below it. 

Lot prep for a new site build includes:

  • Excavation and Grading – leveling the land with engineered compaction methods to establish a solid ground that will not shift under the foundation
  • Rock Excavation Service – for properties that have large boulders needing removal
  • Dirt and Rock Screening – to clean the dirt from rocky soil and to make it usable in the lot preparation, saving the builder time and money with using the resources already provided
  • Vegetation Clearing and Removal – Used in lot prep or for regular yard maintenance, full-size trees, shrubs and grass can be removed to create more buildable ground
  • Footings – to secure a fixed foundation base
  • Grading Excavation – establishes the flow of water away from a structure
  • Driveway Grading – prepares a level, reliable driveway with functioning drainage and to prevent cracking in a cement driveway or driveway pavers

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