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As part of the excavation process for lot prep and drainage, moving dirt by way of digging trenches according to plan for implementing electrical lines and power lines is also a service we offer. Specialty Grading is experienced in working with APS and the water department to officiate utility trench excavation and backfill work.

Utility Trench Excavation and Backfill

We know all the ins and outs of the primarily power lines and secondary power line installation.

Primary Power Lines: Working with the builder and APS, we prepare the ground work for the pad that will house the transformer supplying the surrounding buildings with power. We dig the utility trench from the source of power to the transformer according to the length and dimensions provided by APS. The number of trenches laid are according to the number of conduits needed.

Secondary Power Lines: The secondary line leads from the transformer to the power panel on the building to supply power and dry utilities, such as phone, cable, and fiber optic Internet line. After pipe excavation is complete, we lay the pipe down. Before we backfill, we perform a proofing method on the lines to make sure the conduit works all the way through without bends or dents, providing an uninterrupted flow of power.

Sewer Excavation for Plumbing Lines

This is a detailed and involved project requiring the heavy hand of the professionals to step in and ensure quality underground excavation for digging up or creating new trenches for plumbing lines. Our excavation services cover sewer excavation as well.

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