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Specialty Grading provides its array of excavation services to the Prescott and Prescott Valley area.  We are knowledgeable of the diverse landscape from gravel, rock and sand, to clay and coniferous vegetation. The Prescott area is surely up-and-coming getting busier with an increasing population and housing developments being built constantly.

Prescott provides relief to those from Phoenix who stay for the summer, or vacation in the cool pine woods or a cabin by the lake. There are trail heads galore with more being built for the outdoor enthusiast to explore. Downtown Prescott provides entertainment and restaurants and Prescott Valley is booming with retail shops and bigger known food chains. A convenient, diverse and safe hometown for many to enjoy.

We proudly support this metropolis in the making by being readily available for homeowners, builders and developers who need detailed, thorough and precise land excavation services.

Our Excavation Services for Prescott

We provide a service for new construction and existing sites looking to expand with excavation of the land to prep for a new lot, digging trenches for utilities, preparing driveways and roadways, septic system excavation, grading the land for accurate slopes and water drainage, and more.

We are happy to be of assistance with your residential needs too with yard excavation and vegetation removal, drainage or driveway repairs, and other landscape excavations.

Specialty Grading has been serving the Prescott area for over 20 years and we look forward to serving you and your Arizona excavation needs!

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