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Rock Excavation Cost in Prescott, AZ [2020 Prices]

Working on a construction project and realize you have large rocks and boulders interfering with your foundation? 

Your contractor will probably recommend hiring a professional excavator to do rock excavation. 

This is the method of excavating hard, compacted, or cemented materials that can’t be easily removed. 

Blasting or the use of large machinery may be necessary to clear and prepare your site. 

Here’s a full guide to know the usual excavation costs and how much you can expect to pay for excavating rocks! 

What Is Rock Excavation? 

Rock excavation involves the removal and excavation of isolated boulders and rock fragments that are larger than 1 cubic yard. 

In this type of excavation, the rocks are either mechanically removed or excavated by blasting the boulders into fragments. 

Because it deals with explosions and heavy machinery, excavating large rocks can be risky. Safety protocols such as the following must be followed to avoid any accidents: 

  1. Excavation in public places should be closed to the public to prevent accidents
  2. Necessary precautions like backfilling or secure coverings should be taken to avoid pedestrian injuries 
  3. Materials should be carefully handled 
  4. Netting should be used when rock to be cut crumbles easily 
  5. Hard hats and safety gear should be worn 

Average Rock Excavation Pricing 

The cost of a typical residential excavation work averages at around $3500.

Land excavators usually measure cost by cubic yards of dirt moved, which can run anywhere from $50 to $200 for every cubic yard.

Rock excavation can cost much more than the usual excavation. Depending on the site, rock excavators can charge between $40-100 per cubic yard.

The size of the rock presents the largest cost increase for digging if it’s larger than an excavator or backhoe can handle.

In addition, blasting often requires geological and explosives consulting professionals, which is why it can cost much higher. 

rock excavations cost

Average Hourly Cost of Excavation 

Excavators have different hourly rates depending on the location. However, on average, they can charge around $120-150 per hour

This rate is inclusive of the equipment and the operator and often requires a minimum hour of service (around 8 hrs per day). 

However, hourly rates are only applicable if you’re directly in contract with the excavator. Usually, building contractors will bid on different excavation contractors instead. 

Factors That Can Affect Excavator Rates 

As with any construction project, the rates can be affected by the size and difficulty of the job. For excavation, this can be dependent on the soil, terrain, and slopes found on your site. 

1. Soil & Terrain

It will always be cheaper to excavate land that has loose soil, no trees, and no rocks. 

Rocky and boulder-filled terrain can add as much as $200-1200 more to your project. 

2. Flattening Hills or Slopes

Does your land require leveling? If your site needs a lot of hills and slopes to be flattened, this will also affect your pricing by as much as $1-2 per cubic yard. 

3. Type of Equipment Required

Simple excavation jobs can require $100 to $250 an hour with operator range. However, if your site needs heavy machinery, expect to pay a larger bill due to this. 

4. Season 

Though season does have some limitations for most construction work, it has very little effect on projects or costs. 

At most, the weather can cause some delays in your project. Usually, it’s the general contractors that usually absorb costs due to these delays.

Get Accurate Pricing With Your A Trusted Excavator 

These prices are only estimates for the typical rock excavation job. 

If you want to get accurate pricing, it’s best to get in touch with a trusted and certified excavator. 

Excavation is not an easy project. Only an experienced and highly-trained excavator is qualified to do this specific job. 

Do you have more questions about rock excavation and other excavation services? 

Leave us a note below. We would love to hear from you!

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