Excavation Services for Septic and Leach Fields in Rural Arizona

Specialty Grading uses their excavating expertise to prepare residential sites with a new or replacement septic system.  The size of the dig depends on the home’s square footage and the number of bedrooms. Septic tank digs are prepared for tanks ranging in size from 750-1,750 gallons. The depth is also determined by the required gravity pull to motivate the waste to flow punctually to the septic tank and to the leach field. This requires precise land grading and drainage slopes to be implemented

According to design plans, our excavating company will also excavate the trenches required for the adjacent leach field. Leach fields are used to purify the pollutants that are in the liquid that leaves the septic tank by way of a pipe-in-gravel leach line.

Backfill is also provided as a service to complete the septic tank and leach field installation.

Knowing the Soil Determines the Specific Type of Septic System to Install and What to Dig For

Conventional Septic System: A conventional septic system will be installed on a property that has a tested soil that shows sufficient permeability to be able to absorb liquid from the waste that flows into the leach field. The area must also have a few feet of good soil below the leach pipes as well. A perk test will be performed on the soil to determine if a conventional septic system will be suitable for the property. In the event the soil is not suitable, it doesn’t pass a perk test, or the property rests on land with a steep slope, then an Alternative Septic System will need to be designed

Alternative Septic Systems: Engineers will assess the land and the requirements then advise the plan to move ahead with an Alternative Septic System. There are quite a few specifically engineered and designed septic systems that will meet the specific requirements of the land. The main goal of an effective septic system is to protect water sources.

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