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Grading and Excavating

Clients consider us their go-to earthwork contractors in Prescott Valley, AZ. This is because we have over 20 years of experience and ample knowledge that allow us to thrive in the industry. We take the burden of grading and excavating off your shoulders — trust our AZ land excavation company‘s team to get the job done right.

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* Lot Preps
* Engineered Compaction
* Drainage and Grading
* Rough Grades & Final Grades
* Engineered Certified Final Grades

* Electrical Lines
* Plumbing Lines
* Footings
* Dirt & Rock Screening
* Vegetation Clearing and Removal
* Driveway Prep

* Excavation Work
* Skid Steer Work
* Dozer Work
* Loader Work
* Driveway & Road Maintenance
* Utility Trenching and Backfill

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Our work includes engineered compaction, electrical and plumbing line, utility trenching, excavation work and more.


Drainage and Grading

We provide culvert installation, dozer work, dirt and rock screening, and other drainage or grading services

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We can clear trees and shrubs, maintain your driveway, or dig trenches for utilities for your Prescott Valley home.

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Lot Prep

We will prep your lot for your new home build! We offer free estimates for our excavation and grading services in Prescott.

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Most excavation contractors in AZ aren't willing to do residential excavation work, but that's our specialty!

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Driveway and Road Maintenance

Getting ready to pave or grade a new driveway? Let us save you time and money with a free estimate!

Yavapai county

Providing Grading & Excavating Services In Yavapai County
  • Prescott Valley, AZ
  • Prescott, AZ
  • Dewey, AZ
  • Mayer, AZ
  • Chino Valley, AZ
  • Paulden, AZ
  • Cottonwood, AZ
  • Sedona, AZ
  • Camp Verde, AZ
  • Clarkdale, AZ
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We provide the best service in the industry

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