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5 Signs You Need Excavation Drainage

Does your toilet water drain slower than usual? Do you smell an unwanted odor from your sink and toilet bowl? 

You are probably experiencing clogged excavation drainage or a leaking system! 

Usually, drainage-related issues can be resolved in no time when repairs are done immediately.  However, if left untreated, it can result in severe damages that may require drainage excavation

Despite the hassles, excavation is necessary to allow efficient water drainage and prevent flooding.

Read on to learn the five telling signs of a drainage system that’s due for excavation!

5 Signs That Show You Need To Excavate Your Drainage System

1. Completely collapsed drainage

Environmental changes and man-made damages are to be blamed when drains collapse entirely.

Among these natural causes are earthquakes and root ingression, while man-made circumstances are associated with poor planning of new construction. 

Regardless, the only solution to salvaging these drains is a complete excavation of the area. 

2. Pronounced effects of an earthquake or soil erosion

Subsidence is a natural phenomenon wherein the land sinks because of an earthquake or erosion. 

Areas deeply affected by subsidence presents safety hazards and need to be avoided.

In terms of your plumbing, the sudden land movements can also cause piping systems to misalign and incur damages.

Contractors may need to excavate your drains to fix the issues caused by earthquakes or soil erosions.

3. Presence of tree roots

Ingression of tree roots has proved to be a silent devastator of a property. 

Drainage systems are also common victims of root ingress and are considered the most prominent cause of drain blockage

As roots collect water and moisture, drains can get clogged, which often leads to the dislodgement and cracking of underground pipes. 

4. Leaking pipeline

The majority of drainage repairs are because of a leaky pipeline. However, when leaks happen underground, water can now seep into the ground and weaken the integrity of the land above the drains. 

In addition, when a turbulent flow occurs, the pressure of water ramming the foundations of a drain can also slowly weaken its structure.

Multiple leaks are troubling signs of busted drainage systems. These will require excavation before completely replacing the whole pipe section. 

5. Presence of cracks 

Cracks around drains are early indications of an impending collapse. 

You should not ignore this sign because it can result in a much severe problem underground. 

The right term to describe this phenomenon is concrete cancer, the rusting of steel reinforcements due to water.

Before the situation is aggravated, excavating the area to inspect the drain offers the best preventative measure.

Call An Excavation Contractor Now! 

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Excavation is always the last resort when it comes to solving drainage issues. 

Digging a property requires a lot of investment, but it may become a necessity in order to fix a severe plumbing issue. 

If you live in Prescott, AZ, then you’re in luck because Specialty Grading is ready to provide you with quality drainage services!

We provide deep excavation work to correct the issues with your drainage installation. 

Contact us today and trust us with your excavation needs!

Curious about the process of drain excavation? We’re happy to answer your questions! Drop your queries by leaving a comment down below!

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