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The Construction Industry is Building a Better World

Specialty Grading, excavating contractors in Prescott Valley, AZ would like to take a moment to recognize the construction and other contracting companies who make it a goal to support and get involved in local charitable giving and support. In our hometown we realize how building up the community truly benefits so many lives.

We have noticed that the construction industry has been getting more and more involved in community giving, taking care of their neighbors, and donating time and resources to help organizations and families in need. In this article we wanted to highlight some of the construction companies who are going above and beyond to give to their community. We will also look into why it is important to give as an industry leader.

Contractor Businesses are in High Demand to Give Help

Building developers, residential and commercial contractors, roofing contractors, excavation companies and so forth, all possess special skills, equipment, knowledge and the manpower that come in a high demand and at a high price for those in need in the community. Organizations with may have decrepit building structures, driveways, parking lots, poor drain service on the property, required road excavation for less construction to the property, land clearing and grading for expansion or a septic tank excavation, the list goes on.

At some point or another, an organization who depends on their building structure is going to need some work done, and construction, repairs, and expansions cost a pretty penny. So, construction companies and other heavy equipment companies are stepping up to the plate to share their resources with those in need.

How Giving to the Community Creates a Better Business All Around

Community involvement is a positive way to get the company’s name more recognized in the public eye. With more recognition, naturally more trust, higher reputation and credibility are granted among the local constituents. It’s better to become a household name than a no-name.  If the community sees a name popping up around town and it is attached to doing good deeds, the popularity increases, word of mouth referrals occur more, and the phone just might start ringing more as well.

Yes, charitable giving has its perks for the giver, but often times donations are given due to a personal connection as well. There is a heartstring attachment involved, with sincerity and compassion for those the company is benefiting. Donating, volunteering, and helping by any means shows that a business owner and its employees have a heart and are people willing to sacrifice time and resources to better their community, along with setting a good example in leadership.

Benefits for the Employees too

Companies who are active within the community also create an increased sense of morale within the personnel system as well. Getting involved in the community enables the workers to also share in that good feeling of serving others, and it gives them something positive to talk about in regard to their employer. Employees who like their employers and stand behind the good work of the company are more often to refer people they know who are looking for jobs too.

The satisfaction of the employees also speaks loudly about the quality and integrity of the company.

There are many construction companies who are jumping on the bandwagon of giving back to their communities.

Read on to see how these construction companies contributed big to help others in need.

Industry Leaders Paving the Way to Community Enrichment

The Upper West Coast Joins in the Community Support

Hoffman Construction Company, a $1.4 billion company in 2017, located in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA, places much emphasis on supporting organizations and programs who make their community a better place to live. One of the ways this corporation gives is with in-kind contributions to community groups, meaning instead of donating the funds for materials needed, Hoffman Construction donated the actual materials needed to successfully complete the projects. Some of the community projects they played an integral part in completing include Portland Center Stage, the Boy Scouts of America, various churches, art museums and educational organizations.

Their employees are also active in supporting health and social service programs, youth programs, the arts, education and sports. The company also advocates for youth involvement in the construction industry by supporting the ACE Mentorship Program. The employees volunteer to mentor high school students and to inspire them to pursue careers in design and construction.

Getting into the Spirit of Giving All Year Long in the Mid-West

Headquartered in Shawnee, KS, Straub Construction is an award-winning general contractor who has been in business for close to 100 years, passing the company down from Ernest J. Straub, Sr. to Ernie Straub III. The company has a strong desire and passion for helping others as exhibited through their giving to over 50 charitable organization. They highlight two organizations that are dear to the company’s heart, the Bishop Sullivan Center, providing household assistance to those in need, and the Community Housing of Wyandotte County, who help to rebuild neighborhoods. The company provides volunteers and financial assistance to these organizations because of the much good they do for the community.

Straub Construction employees are also active in the giving of time and resources to help renovate houses, volunteer at food pantries, and to get involved in youth and community enrichment programs.

This construction company makes an immense effort throughout the year financially and through volunteer hours to make a positive different in the Greater Kansas City area.

What is the benefit that this general contracting company receives?

“While Straub Construction takes immense pride in financially helping agencies, it’s the smiling faces of those we assist that give us greatest satisfaction.”

A Company Who is All Over the Map and Giving in Every Way

ARCO Construction, Co. is a multi-award winning, nationwide, $1.5 billion general contracting company with 19 locations across the United States. Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, the company opened its doors in 1992 and has made a tremendous name for itself since then. The company encourages and promotes its associates to actively take part in the community’s charitable programs. ARCO Construction offers a charity donation match program, which will match the contribution provided by the associate dollar for dollar. The company also supports a week paid leave for associates to participate in a charity event they choose.

The company itself will donate a portion of their profits to each year to non-profits and charitable organizations as well. Such organizations that ARCO contributes to include the Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, the Girls & Boys club of St. Louis, Big Brothers Big Sisters, St, Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and many others.

Local Construction Companies who are Building Up the Community

The Giving Keeps on Giving with Fann Contracting

This Prescott civil construction business was established in 1960 and has become one of the state’s leading general contractors. Fann Contracting, Inc. is a corporation that is serious about giving to their local community and assisting those in need.

The company has created a way for continuous giving within their organization through the Fann Employees Making a Difference (FEMAD) program, a charity involvement initiative. Developed in 2006, Fann started FEMAD to enable their employees to donate a portion of their paychecks to support local charities and non-profit organizations. In turn, Fann Contracting matches all donations 100%.

Since the end of 2018, FEMAD has been responsible for contributing over $521,000.00 to six local organizations. The giving continues all year long and adds up with new employees.

The workforce at Fann Contracting also donate volunteer hours. They are quick to offer help in projects around the community such as construction work and helping to raise funds for others in need especially in the holiday season.

Fann has donated much manual labor and materials to support the construction of community amenities such as Pioneer Park and the Mike Fann Community Skate Park in Prescott. They also donated labor, equipment and materials and helped to decrease the cost for the Yavapai Food Banks new parking lot, as well as paving work for the Yavapai Exceptional Industries (YEI!), Antelope Industries, and the Rusing Hills Residence for Women.

Fann also places a focus on assisting adults with disabilities, individuals dealing with health-related issues, and programs that relate to the development of children as well as services that directly benefit families in crisis.

Expanding the Community with a Brighter Future for Prescott Valley Kids

The Fain Family is a well-known name in Prescott Valley, and have been residing in Arizona before it became an official state, true pioneers of the southwestern land. The Fain Signature Group is a residential and commercial development company who has been established in Prescott Valley since 1969 and instrumental in building up this thriving community with recent projects including the Starbucks on Glassford Hill Road and the brand new Homestead Talking Glass residential community.

The Fain Signature Group, simply abbreviated to FSG has not only contributed to building the community through contractual work, but also by their own generous giving. Most recently, the FSG donated a large sum to support the construction of the expansion of the Boys & Girls Club in Prescott Valley.

Here is the heartwarming statement from the CEO of the FSG, Brad Fain, shared about their contribution to support the addition of the brand new 10,000 square foot gym,

“The children are our future and we must treasure their full potential and provide a space and an opportunity for them to grow into mature adults and into our future leaders. It is our duty to rise in our careers, contribute to our community and when the time is right, pay it forward for the next generation.”

With the generous donation from the Fain Signature Group as well as other private and public giving, the local Boys and Girls Club will now have the adequate space to provide for many more children for their after-school and summer programs.

Prescott Steel Builders Supports the Creativity of the Hometown’s Youth

JEBCO Construction Companies is a nationally recognized and award-winning successful metal building developer located in Prescott, AZ. JEBCO reports on their website news that they are also supporters of the Boys and Girls Club of Central Arizona, a non-profit organization with clubs in Prescott, Prescott Valley and Chino Valley. The organization provides a safe environment for kids ages 6-18 to go to after school. For a holiday gift to the program, JEBCO helped to restock the art supplies at the Prescott Boys and Girls Club.

Building Each Other Up through the Power of Giving What We Got

There are many ways for the construction industry to use their many resources to help build up their local communities, as well as building up their reputation and presence among the locals. No matter the industry, giving will always reap a reward, whether receiving a warm smile from a mother who has food to feed her family, or a community organization who can keep their doors open to continue to serve others.

The building contractors are doing more to uplift others, supporting dreams, and building futures.  

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