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Trenching is a deep ground excavation work to strengthen the construction of a property or infrastructure. It involves digging a narrow “trench” for the installation, maintenance, or inspection of piping lines, conduits, or power cables.

The equipment needed varies depending on the size, rock, or soil conditions.

Specialty Grading, a family-owned-and-operated company in Prescott, offers top-grade trenching services.

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Our Trenching Services

Drainage Trenches

Ensuring proper drainage is essential in every construction project. We can engineer trenches to hold your drainage pipes and keep them away from structures that may cause damage. This way, we can prevent erosion and potential flooding.

Electrical Trenching

Our electrical trenching services for new construction sites provide a way for power distribution without the danger of overhead power lines. 

We’ll work closely with the engineers from your utility company to plan the details of this trenching project. The digging process starts on the electrical trenches running from the transformer to each required destination.

Waterline Trenching

Trenches in water lines are necessary to allow water to flow underground from wells, city water lines, or even to connect buildings. 

It’s important to note that water lines must generally be buried 12 inches below the frost line in most states to avoid frozen pipes and costly future repairs.

Our contractors will plan the best route to provide an unobstructed flow.

Sewer Line Trenching

Like waterline trenching, sewer line trenching is needed to boost efficient sewage removal. 

As licensed trenchers, we make sure to follow the codes for sewer line trenching, including the provisions for health and environmental protection.

Gas & HVAC Piping Trench Service

Most residential and commercial buildings use natural and propane gases. Specialized trenches for these utilities are needed to protect them from potential damages.

Our contractors here at Specialty Grading can install gas & HVAC trenches that’ll last 25-50 years. This way, our clients wouldn’t need to replace them sooner.

Foundation Footings

A strong foundation provides maximum support to a structure. To achieve this, we’ll dig trenches filled with concrete and metal in specific locations to boost the support for the building.

The depth of these trenches is based on the size of what is being built. 

As with other specialty trenches, this will be meticulously planned out by an engineer or architect and included in the building plans.

Trenching For Retaining Walls

Trenching for retaining walls helps in holding back soil that may cause erosion or create a landslide. 

Without a specially dug trench, the retaining wall is prone to collapse under the immense weight. This is often on properties with uneven ground or hills. 

We have the right equipment and knowledge to dig a retaining wall trench that’s stable enough to handle a lot of pressure from earth and water absorbed through precipitation.

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